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04 April 2012 @ 12:23 am
27 April 2011 @ 03:40 am

Song: Infinity by The XX
Couple: Chuck and Sarah
Link: Youtube.com
20 January 2011 @ 11:25 pm

White Blank Pages by Mumford and Sons
Spoilers: up to 4x10
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28 January 2010 @ 09:38 am

Running Up That Hill by Placebo
Couple: Richard and Kahlan
Spoilers: up to 2x09

17 November 2009 @ 03:03 am

Song: All I Need by Mat Kearney
Couple: Kahlan and Richard
Spoilers: Up to finale of Season 1 I believe
Link youtube
31 August 2009 @ 11:30 pm
New Legend of the Seeker video :)

So I forgot that I had promised a friend a video after I had already started this video. I just couldn't help it, This song is just so addicting to listen to for some reason. Its just beautiful.

Song: Winter Song
by: Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson
Spoilers: Up to 1x22

29 July 2009 @ 12:06 am
More Legend of the Seeker Art.

Just call my crazy...yup crazy....cause I have no idea how many hours it took me to make this vector art. It has over 700 shapes that I drew for this art. Yikes. Plus I have walls, banners and icons sets that I did a while ago.

Words fall through me And always fool me......Collapse )

29 June 2009 @ 12:04 am
New video......Of course its for Legend of the Seeker ;)

05 June 2009 @ 06:06 am
So I started watching Robin Hood, the show on BBC. Fell in love with the show. Everyone told me to watch it since I love Legend of the seeker so much. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Robin and Marian in this version. So pissed off though at the ending of season 2. I can't even get myself to finish watching Season 3 just because of the way then ended season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     ARG!  STUPID STUPID STUPID!